Windows 8 – What’s it all about?

Windows 8 is nearly here and I thought that it was time to get my thoughts on paper. With Windows 7 we have a very flexible and stable OS – a far cry from its predecessor Vista which I think all agree was a complete disaster. This is not meant to be a review of the new Windows 8 just a pointer to whether you think you could ‘get on with it’.

Firstly the new OS is much faster than 7 partly I suspect that a lot of the pretty bits like AERO have been removed and a lightweight touch centric interface has replaced it.

There are some under the hood improvements as well but these will mean little to the average user. From a security or stability point of view there isn’t much to write home about either some minor improvements but no major leaps forward.

The Crunch
This is the biggie though and a show stopper for all businesses and the vast majority of users in general – THERE IS NO START MENU – it has been replaced by a tiled interface which is next to useless as an interface unless you have a touch screen. It’s great on a tablet but why oh why MS decided against a Windows 7 mode is beyond me. This makes it for me a non-starter and for anyone who is used to Windows of old an annoying painful and unpleasant experience. The weird thing is that in the pre-release versions you could re-enable the start menu and this made it a very good OS but MS deliberately removed this code for the release version – a massive 8008!

In conclusion I cannot recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a touch screen and even the I would suggest you wait for Windows 9 where hopefully the sales of windows * will have been so woeful they will re-instate Classic Mode.

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