Hardware, software & Infrastructure

Selecting new IT hardware, software and implementing a new infrastructure can be challenging, especially with so much choice available. At WABSYS we’ll guide you through the mystifying maze in a cost-efficient method and ensure you only buy what your business needs.

AT WABSYS we take care of all the geeky bits so you don’t have to. We’ll advise you on the most suitable options for your business that reflect your businesses future growth and bring this together into a fully integrated managed solution.

Hardware, Software & Infrastructure


Our expert team of IT consultants are highly experienced in the latest IT technology and best practice. We will always review your existing IT infrastructure and consider what technology solutions are suitable for your business needs and ability to grow.

At WABSYS we always aim to reduce your overall costs, increase business productivity and maximise your return on investment by designing a solution that considers your business plan and budget.

Our team will project manage all aspects of your new IT infrastructure, from sourcing hardware and software from our partner suppliers, to ensure all runs smoothly and according to plan. With only one point of contact if something goes wrong, it makes it much simpler for you to get back up and running. No more will you be stuck in the middle of the ‘book-passing’ culture that we all hate, we will own the problem.

At WABSYS we can support you with:

Hardware and software selection and set up

Computer network design and installation

Server installation

Wireless networks

Private cloud infrastructures

Network security and backup setup

We understand that your IT infrastructure and the hardware and software you use are the backbone of your business, therefore it has to be efficient, reliable and secure.

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At WABSYS we strive to deliver a comprehensive IT infrastructure that truly works for your business, allowing you to carry on delivering your core values without having to worry about your infrastructure.

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