A specialist bespoke interiors company were struggling to run their day to day business due to a slow and unreliable server with old unsupported software. Having recently upgraded all of their hardware within the last 12 months, they were still receiving very poor performance and did not understand why.


After assessing the setup we had no other option but to replace the server with new hardware & software. Implement a reliable on and off-site backup with daily monitoring by WABSYS. As part of this process we implemented a backup recovery process in order to monitor the validity of the backed-up data.

All of this work improved server speeds but customers still experienced slow access due to the PC’s limitations (even though they were relatively new). This was resolved by upgrading the PC Hard Disc Drive (HDD) to a faster Solid State Drive (SSD).


The customer now has a faster and more reliable system with a sustainable infrastructure.

This is monitored and maintained by WABSYS by means of an ongoing support contract.

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At WABSYS we strive to deliver a comprehensive IT infrastructure that truly works for your business, allowing you to carry on delivering your core values without having to worry about your infrastructure.

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