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Home Computing

At WABSYS we provide a full range of services to the home user on a no fix, no fee basis or at a fixed fee. So if your laptop is slow, your printer won’t print or you just don’t know how, then give us a call or click on 'find out more' below.


Cloud Services

Cloud Services are simply services that are internet based rather than based on your local server, for example an email or file server. Using a Cloud Service means that all these features are available to anyone, and there is no expensive hardware outlay.


WABSYS Support

Wabsys founders Andy Butler and Stuart Ward spent years working for the electronics and computing support industries, so they know the importance of customer service. They also genuinely care about making your life easier. Call them on +44 (0)1924 635343


Business Services

Does your IT support your business activities, or get in the way?
Up-to-date technology is vital for every modern business, small or large. And when it’s not running well, the costs in productivity, customer satisfaction are high.


Five ways that cloud storage can benefit your business

Cloud storage is a powerful business tool when used correctly. This article looks at five ways that cloud storage can benefit your business – making you more productive and more secure.

1. Simple, secure backups
Cloud storage services make secure backups very simple – with WABSTOR PRO’s unlimited storage space and Desktop Sync Software, you can simply right click on any folder on a PC or server and select “Add to WABSTOR”. The folder is then monitored hourly and any new documents or changed docu...

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From Our Customers

Great IT support and services. Andy & Stuart at Wabsys have a great deal of experience and knowledge about all things IT. Very friendly and helpful and great to deal with.

Paul Brown, 6B Digital.